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Re: 90 200TQW Radiator and electric cooling pump?


Sorry to hear about the radiator.  I'd recomend a Modine all-brass radiator.
They are about the same price as an OEM radiator and slightly deeper (but is
still a direct replacement).  No modification needed.  It is better as you
don't have all those plastic pieces that break and you should have slightly
better cooling capacity.  You can also run non-Phosphate-free antifreeze
then as I think the reason Audis require it is because phospates will ruin
the plastic parts.  No plastic to worry about with the Modine.  They can be
ordered through most auto parts places (I think my friend ordered his
through a NAPA or an Advanced Auto Parts), but I think Imparts carries them
as well.

A friend of mine has one in his 5KCSTQ and likes it a lot.  He noticed the
car running cooler and he can run standard antifreeze.

About the electric coolant pump for the turbo after-run....  I too have
heard listers talk about this GM or AC Delco part that will work better and
supposedly fits in the stock location.  Please let me know the phone number
and the PN when you get it.  I'd like to order one as well.  Mine has not
been coming on for some time now.  I think it's just a bad relay, but I'd
feel beter with a new (and improved) pump as well.

Well, on another note, my mom ran into my car the other day while backing
out of the driveway.  Damage was minimal as it was slow speed but the rear
bumper cover is going to need replacent.  There is a dent in the left rear
quarter but amazingly there was no paint damage!  Paintless dent removal
should be able to correct that easily.  Other than that the car is running
stong and I have been racking up the milage.  The odo now reads 109,000!


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From: David Ritter <dritter@mich.com>
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Date: Sunday, June 06, 1999 2:59 PM
Subject: 90 200TQW Radiator and electric cooling pump?

>I just had the dreaded, top radiator inlet failure on the 200TQW, it
>just broke off on its own.
>Any good recommendations for a new radiator source?
>While I ripping things out I thought I might as well get with the new
>type of electric coolant pump (chevy?).
>I saved a post from Frank Bauer which lists a phone number for a
>company in Prior Lake MN as a source for the pump. Is there a specific
>part number or model I am looking for?
>Does this pump fit into the stock hoses or are adapters necessary?