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fist post, how much oil does it an audi? (part II)

Hi all,

 first of all I would like to thank all of you for answering my question.
Looks like there are great people on this list! ;-)

 Soooo, the reason I asked you the questin about the oil consumption is
because I planned to buy an '84 audi 80 quattro. 
 Yesterday I had an opportunity to test drive the car. This was the first
four wheel drive car I have ever driven. In fact this was the first Audi I
have ever driven. 

 I had high expectations and the experience to drive this car was
wonderfull! It really is a fantastic car! I had the feeling that nothing can
push this car from the road. I could go with so high speed in curves that I
never imagined... So I immediatelly felt in love with the car. :-)

 About the oil consumption. I missunderstud the owner. His car really
doesn't eat so much oil. He just told me because it is in the manual of the
car. So this looks like a very good car. The compression is between 10 and
12 bars, and as far as I know these are very good numbers.

 I put a deposit on this car (I hope it is the right word for when you want
to buy something, but you pay only part of it's price to the owner to not to
sell ware to anyone else) and in 1 or 2 weeks I will buy it, so there will
be one more audi owner on this list.

 I do have two question: The owner said that he doesn't really check the oil
level so often. He takes the car to the service in every 3 month and they
does everything it needs. He told me that I shouldn't be worried about the
oil level either, because if it is not good, then the oil pressure light
will singal it to me. I had several cars, but in all of them I reaguraly
(about weekly) checked the oil level. I know that Audis are very good car,
but does it really true that you don't have to check the oil level, because
if it is not enough that the oil pressure lamp will signal it? 

 The engine is a 2.2l one.

 The second question is what do you recommend me, after I bought the car
what should I check on the car? ARe there any parts on this car that often

 Thanks for your advice!