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any subaru advice & 5ks FS

any of you out there subaru owners? I need some advice
There is a 87 subaru wagon turbo 4wd in my neighborhood i've had my eye
on for some time. I stopped by the other day to see if it was for sale.
it is. It is only running on 2 cylinders but everything else is in
average condition. I think I can get it for about 500. Am I looking at
big bucks to get it fixed? Is there any way to check the turbo in its
current condition? I don't have any experience with a turbo engine, so
any help is good help. Any advice on late 80's subaru's would be much
appreciated. Thanks.
Also, there is a 86 or so 5ks for $500 by my house. Other than being in
dire need of a wash it is in good condition.            
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