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Re: Boost drops '91 200 tq

I want to pull the codes on my 89.5 200, but haven't gotten around to it.  I
have been experiencing a low boost problem in my car for quite some time
now.  I figured it was the idle control/WOT switch and so I did the test as
outlined in the Bentley manual.  I got a little bit of resistance at close
as well.  So, I cleaned up the contacts and re-tested it.  I got a perfect
0.0 reading.  And, it went to infinate when open.  So..... it appears my
throttle switch is functioning perfectly??  Right???

Well, for some reason I still think it is at fault.  There has to be more
there that the switch does, or does it???  Anyways, I just can't seem to put
my finger on what is causing this low boost condition.  I checked all the
vaccuum lines and everything seems to be in order.  What else should I look

BTW, I am thinking maybee just being off slightly at closed idle (getting
resistance) might be enough to give the computer that fault code number.
I'd clean the contacts and check it again.  But, Scott Mockry says they can
be erratic and should be replaced (with the improved unit) anyways.  I'm not
quite sure what to think, but then again it is only $45 so maybee it's worth
it to know for sure.


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Date: Sunday, June 06, 1999 9:34 PM
Subject: Boost drops '91 200 tq

>Hello all,
>Got a problem on the '91 200. The boost builds normally when the go
>pedal is mashed. Get's to 1.7 and then drops to 1.4 or so after 3
>seconds. Pulled codes and got 2121 which is "idle switch bad", but I
>get  less than 1/10th ohm resistance on the idle switch when closed. Any
>ideas what to check?