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Re: Can't figure out Trans switch '91 200


The 1991 Audi V8 with 5 speed used a version of the 016 transmission with
some modifications that was similar to the 016 used in the 1991 200TQ 20V

The "1991 Model Change" Factory Training booklet shows the 5 Speed tranny
for the V8 (With oil cooler/pump setup) and it also shows a switch mounted
at the rear of the transmission in the area you described. The switch is
used for the  "1st gear A/C compressor cutout" feature. The backup light
switch is shown above where the right side front axle/CV  comes out of the

The ETKA for the 1991 V8 shows this switch in Main Group 9, Sub Group 19,
Illustration 159-25, part number (10), Audi # 084-941-521, "Switch for
gearshift indicator", Comment field shows ( 1.gear)

Possibly the 1991 200TQ and 1991 V8 5 Speed shared the same rear trans
housing with switch.

Scott Mockry

The 1991 200TQ At 09:37 PM 6/6/99 -0700, Wolff wrote:
>At least one other lister has a '91 200 tq that is leaking in a similar
>manner from the mystery switch on the rear of the transmision. I have
>looked at ETKA, Bentley and the fische. I looked at every wiring track
>in the book, and didn't see it. I can't find the thing listed anywhere.
>It looks like an oil pressure sender with two wires on it. It is facing
>diagonally toward the right rear and is a few inches ahead of the prop
>shaft just above the right exhuast.