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Re: This is perverse, but ...

In message <19990606235546.KQZL16164.mta1-svc@[]> "Paul Robinson" writes:

> Can't believe I'm being branded a maniac - Phil asked me for 3rd gear and
> "hit the rev limiter" to run the ECU test procedure; just so happens we were
> going round a large roundabout at 60mph to achieve this pre-test status!!

I asked for one - I got four!

Paul's right, of course.  But there still seems to be this correlation,
and it extends to the 'show'n'shine' older ur-quattro brigade - they
drive around at the local speed limit for no more than 3000 miles a year
and seem to have no end of problems.

Now, Paul - just go and get those parts like I said, and we'll get you
back to full boost when you get back from filming.

 Phil Payne
 UK Audi quattro Owners Club