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Davtron IC gauge group purchase- last call

	I received the first 2 Davtron IC gauges from the group purchase on
Friday. For anyone who missed the start of this thread, Davtron is a
digital avionics company that supplies intercooler gauges to Andial (major
Porsche tuning and racing shop). The gauge shows intercooler inlet temp,
outlet temp, and delta T. I'm getting the gauges direct from Davtron for
approximately $185 ($175 plus shipping) vs. $249 plus shipping from Andial.

	A small, somewhat fuzzy, but hopefully legible picture of one of the
gauges is up on my web site at:


	I'll try to post something better later this week. The gauge appears to be
very well made (not surprising for an aerospace app), and very complete.
Installation is limited to installing and routing the included wiring to
the 2 probes, installing the gauge, and supplying power and ground. The
"in" and "out" probes are labeled to eliminate possible confusion.

	I should have the remainder of the first order by the end of next week. If
you're interested in a gauge, and haven't contacted me, please do. The
second and last order will be placed towards the end of this week.

	 I should have mailed anyone I got a check from with an acknowledgement
and your gauge #. If you've sent a check and _not_ heard from me, let me
know ASAP. If you haven't sent a check yet, please get it to me ASAP.

	Thanks and let me know if you have any questions.

	93 S4 (soon to have Davtron gauge)