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Re: Help urgent!!! All brakes locking up, fluid boiling and brakes smoking.'85 5KQ

I had almost the same problm on my 87 5KT drove me crazzy took it to the
dealer and found that piston sticking in the master cylinder was somthing
they had seen a lot of.  This is about the only explination for all four
calipers staying applied.

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Subject: Help urgent!!! All brakes locking up, fluid boiling and brakes
smoking.'85 5KQ

> I saw a Q in Eureka Springs AR. and the hood was open. I had to see what
> going on, and there was a stressed familie on a weekend trip from OK.
> to make it to Branson MO. The Q is an '85 5KQ non turbo in overall
> reasonable shape. I did notice that the brake warning light sensor had
> disconnected, and asked him if he was aware of that. He knew that, and
> that the bomb was bad since he got the car. This is what happened. They
> driving on their way from OK. and out of the blue he had to downshift, and
> could feel the dragging, but they had to go on. By the time they got to
> gas station here, and opened the hood, there was brake fluid bubbling out
> the reservoir and the brake discs were red hot, all 4 of them! He let
> everything cool of and added more fluid and made it to their destination.
> has called me from there and said that he has taken the wheels off and is
> trying to find the problem, I don't know what to tell him except possible
> master cilinder seized. Right now he is in a hotel and will call me back
> late tonight. This guy knows about the list and has been on it, seems
> handy and determined to have his Audi. I promised I would post his
> to give him some direction, to solve it. What could cause such a dramatic
> brake failure?????? Thanks, everyone.