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Take my Quattro-- please!

I'm selling my 1985 Audi 4000S Quattro because I just have too many cars

The only things the care needs is paint (if so inclined), work on the
sunroof, and some electrical expertise if you want the heated seats to
work.  I have literally thousands invested in this car, and I still have no

The car runs and drives amazing-- handles as good, if not better than my
5KCSTQ.  I originally wanted to throw a cage in, and possibly a turbo
motor--but I have no room now since I just acquired a new Lanedcruiser. too
many vehicles.

Red with charcoal interior
BOGE Turbo Gas Shocks
Pwr doors, windows

The following work has been done within the last 2 years:

   Front, rear tie rod/ends, control arms, bearings,etc.. all new front
   suspension-- no expense spared
   New Tires
   (4) new windows regulators
   $750 recent engine tune: wires, plugs, rotor, and valve cover gasket
   Starter, alternator, battery
   Exhaust (all the way up-- all original parts with 10-yr warranty)
   Brakes, all (4) corners
   Wheel bearings, CV joints-(4) corners
   Radiator, fan
   Fuel pump, filter, relays
   Timing belt, water pump
   Too much more to even think about-- have all paperwork for everything

All this car needs is paint on the hood and a good buffing to take away the
oxidation.  Make it your winter car-- do a turbo conversion.  I can't stand
the through of a non_quattro enthusiast buying this car--It deserves

Asking $1,000.00

85 4KSQ
82 VW Cabriolet
97 Toyota LandCruiser