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Re: '91 200Q Bose Pyrotechnic Device


I struggled with this for a while.  Used  to have the extinquisher just in the
backseat footwells, but started to think how enjoyable it would be to be conked
in the cranium by the thing in case of an accident (when everything loose in
the car goes airborne).  Didn't want to drill holes in the floorpan, so I
fashioned a piece of plywood to the shape of the floor mat, but that extended
under the drivers seat.  Then I mounted the ext. to this, screwing through the
floor mat.  The only way for this board to come out is if the seat is 100%
fully forward and even then it's somewhat jammed under the rails.  With the
seat back in my normal position it's going nowhere.  Still have to jump out and
open the back door, but it's better than going to the trunk, and better than
drilling holes in the floor.  My next plan was to modify this techinique as you
suggested, and mount it on the floor just in front of the passenger's seat,
without interferring with legroom...


Phil Rose wrote:

> helplessly while their car burned, I decided that a fire extinguisher was
> good, cheap protection. But unless it's a rally/race car, where's that
> extinguisher likely to be placed--the trunk, right? We do have an
> extinguisher in our dorF Exploder, but not in my '91 200q. Time to rethink
> that situation. I guess the passenger footwell has enough space to mount an
> extinguisher. I suppose we'll just *make it* be enough space!