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Re: Pirelli P600 M+S vs Dunlop SP 4000

Hairy green toads from Mars made Lewis, Gary M say:

> The 88 5kcstq needs shoes, and I'm pretty well decided on one of the above
> (Price vs Performance).  The Tire Rack says the H rated Pirelli is a better
> performing tire than the V rated Dunlop.  Now I know I'm gonna get a pisspot
> full of responses saying "Get the V rated tire, it is better", "Stiffer
> sidewall", "High speed rating".  I don't plan on going more than 130 mph,
> and I'm getting 225 50 15 Z's for the track anyway.  I'm also fairly certain
> that a well made H rated tire can be as good or better than a so-so V rated
> tire. 
> So what I'm looking for are real world opinions of both tires.  Any BTDT
> will be very appreciated.

Skip the Pirellis.

I have used both V and H rated tires on all three of my cars.
The Dunlop D60A2 is OK, but boring. The BFG Touring T/A H rated
is pretty good, and probably the best of the H tires. I do
recommend the BFG Comp T/A VR4 though. Much better than any of
the H tires I've driven.

Of course, I use all season's, not dedicated summer tires....


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