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Ny timing belt a thon update

Just got word from Mike  and he's in Europe right now, scheduled to come
back shortly. We should be meeting sometime this coming week and working
on all of the arrangements. I need:

1. Names and hometowns of possible attendees
2. What type of work you need to do
3. What types of tools you have and if anyone has #2084 and the breaker
bar for it.
4. Manuals. I have haynes and Chiltons: the coloring books without
pictures! Bentleys would be nice.

Suggestions for a possible BBQ? I did send out a list for the ones who
were initially interested with a breakdown of what's needed.

Mikes place seems to be the best suggestion so far (we do have to finalize
things). We are about 45-55 minutes from NYC, the North Shore of Long
Island. You can get to us from any exit on the L.I.E. (cringe) from 40-51,
I'm not sure of the Northern state pkwy exits, but that's very close as

AVG- (don't know your name) driveshafts on 5k's are pretty easy to do the
onlt thing that's a pain is the lower control arm. I'm not sure if we
could get to it, though.
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