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Re: '91 200Q Bose Pyrotechnic Device

In message <v03130300b381843ac4d3@[]> Phil Rose writes:

> Years ago, after seeing people at the side of the highway standing by
> helplessly while their car burned, I decided that a fire extinguisher was
> good, cheap protection. But unless it's a rally/race car, where's that
> extinguisher likely to be placed--the trunk, right? We do have an
> extinguisher in our dorF Exploder, but not in my '91 200q. Time to rethink
> that situation. I guess the passenger footwell has enough space to mount an
> extinguisher. I suppose we'll just *make it* be enough space!

I remember very many Germans having it mounted transversely on the floor
immediately in front of the driver's seat.  I think some Mercedes cars
even had a bracket fixed to the seat itself.

Has the advantage of being accessible to a trapped driver.

 Phil Payne
 UK Audi quattro Owners Club