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200 tq stess bars

Hi all. I am talking to Tony @ Autobahn Performance (TAP's northeast
rep) about a volume discount on 200tq 10v stressbars.  List is $195.00.

These won't fit 20v 200s or 5000s or 100s, according to Tony.

I wanted to inquire how many list members would be interested in one? I
use stressbars on all my BMWs, and the improvement in steering feel and
accuracy is highly desirable.

I made up a number off the top of my head to see how much discount he'd
give. For 20 bars, he'd give a 15% discount. It'd take them about a
month to deliver, and they'd need to be prepaid. Please e-mail me with
your interest, I will collate a list and negotiate the discount, and
then you guys can call him directly and place your orders. If you want
to ask him questions, the number is 978-535-0636.

I am going to go ahead and order 1 for me anyway. I'll get the discount
as a credit if I can make the order work.

Thanks. Samir Shah, 89 200tqa.