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HELP! The V8 Is Out of Service

Help, the V8 is out of service!

The hydraulic "expansion" hose (rearmost on the pump) has sprung a leak
on the V8.  Took it to
three hydraulic shops who all said they could not re-hose the fittings.
They also said they could not
make the hose as the fittings were nothing standard.  No surprise
there.  Who has done this and

Does anyone know what the vinyl hose inside the rubber hose is for?  It
extends beyond the
compression fitting (about 8 inches) end into the tubing toward the
rack.  It also appears to be fixed
on the banjo end so I cannot pull it out.


Roland Broberg
W319N657 Shagbark Glen
Delafield, WI 53018-2818
Current: 90V8Q, 86 4Ks, Fmr:91 100, 86 5KTQ, 84 5K