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Re: HELP! The V8 Is Out of Service

Yup, these guys can do it:  http://www.spokanehose.com or 1.800.541.6351

The did both of mine.  The pressure and the return.  They charge me about
$35 a hose.  Matter of fact, they just did my pressure hose last week.

They will need your leaky one though.


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>From: Roland Broberg <broberg@execpc.com>
>To: quattro list <quattro@audifans.com>
>Subject: HELP!  The V8 Is Out of Service
>Date: Mon, Jun 07, 1999, 19:17

>Help, the V8 is out of service!
>The hydraulic "expansion" hose (rearmost on the pump) has sprung a leak
>on the V8.  Took it to
>three hydraulic shops who all said they could not re-hose the fittings.
>They also said they could not
>make the hose as the fittings were nothing standard.  No surprise
>there.  Who has done this and
>Does anyone know what the vinyl hose inside the rubber hose is for?  It
>extends beyond the
>compression fitting (about 8 inches) end into the tubing toward the
>rack.  It also appears to be fixed
>on the banjo end so I cannot pull it out.
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