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Highway RPMs

Well, I didn't quite mean to start this big a thread ;).  When I grew up,
all my Father's cars (except one Cadillac) went well over 200k.  He preached
smooth driving, 3k oil changes, and lower RPMs.  Of course, with the
exception of a Beetle, all our cars were American.  Thus, I've always been
taught high RPMs are bad for the motor and should be infrequent, an idea
which makes sense.  Then I discovered sports cars and learned to love
driving even more :).  Then I discovered German cars and there's no going
back!  In fact, I'm still scheming to add another one if I can get my wife's
permission.  My uncle (A German car tech) says to provide balanced driving:
some high RPMs, full throttle fun, and other "normal" driving.  That's the
approach I take with the A6.  Most of the time, I drive it "normally," but I
make a point of once and a while coming off the line shifting manually and
letting the motor run to redline with full throttle in as many gears as is
legal, and then drive it up there for a few miles.  The  motor is always
great and smooth, the car is just too heavy to be quick (Honey, can we trade
for an S6 please!).  Anyway, that's what brought up the "high RPM" question
in the first place.  I will now go back to enjoying my Quattro at whatever
RPMs I can get away with and relish being in the power band from 80mph and
up. Thanks listers and Scott.
95 A6Q (learning to love high RPMs)
87 944 (gone, but loved 4-6k runs)
96 Ford Ranger (honey, I need another German car!)
73 240Z (the car that started this whole thing)

Samuel W. Clough
INVESCO Retirement Plan Services