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Dash Illumination

I just noticed that the outer edges on both sides of my dash(ie. fuel
gauge, temp gauge) are no longer lit up when the lights are on.  I just
installed a new bulb in the seatbelt light hole.  I used the 1.2W bulb
from the seatbelt light and moved it to the ECS light for codes.  I went
to the local Audi dealer and picked up a new bulb to install yesterday.
They claimed that the 1.2W black base bulb no longer existed and they gave
me an OSRAM 1.1W bulb(orange base) to put in place of the black base for
the seatbelt light.  I had the battery disconnected everytime I was in the
dash, so I didn't fry anything.  I told the parts guy to find me a 1.2W
but he said that it didn't exist anymore and a 1.1W would work, is it his
mistake or is this true?  Will a 1.1W in a 1.2W socket cause other lights
to go out, the new 1.1W seatbelt light still works perfectly...  I checked
the inst. clst. fuse and it is fine.  I am going to take out the dash and
test the bulbs that aren't working.  I also checked to see if I was a
retard and turned down the illumination, but I hadn't.  What do you guys
think?  Thanks again!

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