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Dash Illumination Part II

I'm a livid now!  I went to check the dead bulbs by switching them into
different sockets of the same W rating and now almost everything is dead.
Speedo is dead, all illumination is gone, all warning lights work, and all
the other illuminated parts light up(ie. A/C lights, windows...)  What
gives?  I always had the battery disconnected when I had the dash out.
The speedo worked on the way home and some of the illumination, now all is
gone.  The Audi Dealer Mechanic told me the 1.1W would be fine for the
1.2W socket.  The wiring clips are all fine and connected properly.  What
should I do?  I guess I should talk to that mechanic on my day off, do you
think that if it was the 1.1W bulb that caused the damage would that
Dealership replace the dash or fix it?  The only thing that could have
caused any damage is that new bulb.  I didn't hack apart anything, I was
very gentle.  I am angry, but not sure what caused it, me, the bulb, or
bad advice from that mechanic?  Arggh, damn eccentric cars!  Any easy
fixes, BTDN, anyone added a new bulb to the check engine light for codes
in an 80/90 that didn't come factory with that bulb have the same outcome?

Thanks again...

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