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Re: 5kt injectors leaking, or what??

Had a similiar problem once in an 84 5000 I had. It turned out that the
o-rings that seal the injectors to the head harden over time and allow air
to seap by preventing a quick start. After you crank the engine for a while
the seals get pulled against the head and engine starts but not before
dumping a lot of fuel in.  This happened to me only after the car sat for
ten minutes or so, if started right away it was fine.  Worth grabbing your
injectors and feeling if they feel loose in the head.

Good luck

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Subject: 5kt injectors leaking, or what??

> I had been enjoying the thread on high revs and longevity,
> chuckling to myself that the venerable 5kt must still have a
> lot of life in it yet. I shift at 4500 almost all the time
> and have 195k miles, good compression as of a few months
> ago, and nil oil consumption.
> That is, until yesterday at work, it seemed... I fired up
> the car to leave after it sat for 10 hrs, I had to crank a
> little while, and it came to life on 3 or 4 cylinders, or so
> it sounded. A few prods at the pedal, and things smoothed
> out after a few seconds- but not without a glance in the
> mirror to see big clouds of blackish-grey smoke (sigh...)
> this soon dissipated, leaving only the odor of gas (like a
> carb car in the early morning).
> Am I right in thinking injectors leaking down? It didn't
> smell like oil, and the car behaved normally today in the
> same circumstances. I really hope it was some anomalous
> rich-running condition and not the K26 finally giving up the
> ghost. BTDTs, anyone?
> Regards,
> Rob
> 87 5kcst, hopefully long for this world...