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oil type & 6000 rpm


 Thanks for your answers about the oil quantity. We talked a lot about this
with the current owner of my future car. :-) He is smarter now and checks
the oil level weekly.

 Now I have two questions.

1. What kind of oil is recommended in this car? ('84 Audi 80 Quattro with
2.2i engine) Not really the brand, but the viscosity. I heard that
expensive, very good oils (0W-40 for example) are actually not good for
older engines. So what is your recommendation?

2. Durring my test drive I drove the car real fast. Everytime I buy a car I
do this because I think it clearly shows the condition of the engine. So I
pressed the accelarator on this Audi too. The top speed was 160 km/h and I
did it in 4th gear at 6000 rpm. We had a little argument with the owner
about it. He told me it is too much for an engine he think that I
"overdrove" it. In my oppinion it is perfectly normal. I admit that 160 km/h
in 4th gear is not the best possible selection, but as far as it is not in
the red line I think any engine have to bear this easily. What do you think
am I right?