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High RPMs at highway speed?

By golly, I had to chuckle at Jason's post. The thought of being restricted
to the right lane in Germany because the car only goes 125 mph is a good one.

While in theory it is true that one can drive as fast as one wants in places
on the Autobahn, in practice, the opportunity is becoming more and more rare
with congestion, 50 mph trucks and speed limits.

Do 160 mph all day - not a chance. Germany is too small and crowded.

It is a bit perverse that in the mid seventies, when there was more
opportunity to go fast, 100 mph was about the limit for most cars except of
course for the big BMW's, Porsches and Mercedes. Now that the cars go
faster, there is precious little opportunity to do so.

Fear not, Jason, you may drive in Germany at 125 mph and rarely, if ever, be

Bob Cummings 87 Coupe GT

>Date: Tue, 8 Jun 1999 13:18:34 EDT
>From: PlyBoyDoct@aol.com
>Subject: Re: High RPMs at highway speed?

>I own a 89 200 FWD slushbox, and the car is able to get to about 120-125mph.  
>This is @ redline.  How do these cars keep up on the Autobahn?  Don't they 
>have automactics in Germany?  I have heard people cruising at 160 all day 
>long.  Does the 200 with slush just sit there on the right lane or is the 
>gear ratio different for Autos in Germany?
>Jason C
>89 200t10v
>Redmond WA