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RE: Opinions - Pirelli SP6000 Sport Veloce

Yeah, the consensus is that the previous generation XGT V4's were total
junk, and Michelin should have changed the name of the new tire since it is
completely different (guess it is now "Pilot" XGT V4). I have never used
this tire, but all reviews I've seen have been positive.

On the other hand, I have used the Yokohama S4 (V) and it is an excellent
all around tire. Just thought it wore quickly (like all Yokohama's) and got
very slippery in the wet with less than half tread. I only got 20k miles out
of a supposed 40k mile tire.

On second thought, maybe there's not much point to a V-rated all-season
tire. If dry handling and steering response are what you want, buy a V or Z
rated summer tire, and a H-rated snow tire for the winter (obvious to
European listers).

I'd still recommend the Firestone SH30 for this application. They're almost
half the price of the Michelin's and the only fault they have is somewhat
slow turn-in/steering response (compared to a summer performance tire).
Ultimate traction is very good in dry, excellent in rain, good in snow, and
I'm actually able to get  30k miles (out of a 50k mileage tire).


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Unless the new ones have really changed significantly and, being Michelin,
certain characteristics never change, you will find the XGT V4's to perform
well, but to be fairly noisy...much more so than the SP4000's or P700Z's on
the '83 Ur-q.  Also, while the Michelins will still have tread when you run
those miles onto them, you will find that their grip diminishes and the
noise increases and, most significantly for an all season tire, they get
downright slick in any wet stuff, even while still showing significant tread
depth.  I hope they have seriously improved their compounding, but I doubt
it.  It's been that way for at least twenty years and I speak from personal
experience with Michelins, including MXV's (Acura Integra) and XGT V4's
(Integra and Dodge Intrepid ES) of all but the most recent vintage...back to
the forerunner of the XGT's of a forgotten X designation on an a modified
Alfa coupe.  I have usually gone to Dunlop and Pirelli on my vehicles
eventually, although the company car Intrepid is now shod with Conti CZ 90's
(and, come to think of it, that '78 Alfa went to Conti's , too).  Quieter,
better in the wet stuff, but not as sharp on turn in as the XGT V4's.

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> Assuming you're talking about an all-season tire in the stock 205/60-15
> -- I'd try the Yokohama S4 (V rated) or new Michelin XGT V4. Either will
> perform better than the SP4000 or 6000SV and the Michelin's are supposed
> last longer too. I'm using the Firestone SH30 (H rated), which handles
> in all conditions (including snow) and wears well, but I'll probably
> to the XGT V4 in search of a little better dry performance next.
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> Hi Folks,
> Thanks for all the responses.  Much appreciated.  I'm down to Dunlop
> VR's or Pirelli SP6000 SV VR's.  I dumped the 600's due to complaints.
> about the SP6000's??  Any BTDT??
> I _really_ appreciate all the input I've received so far.  Keep them
> coming......
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