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RE: Online Audi/VW technical service bulletins

This is a very helpful site.
It use to be password protected and then it was gone completely for a while.
I'm glad its back
Jim Dupree

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		Anthony Chan posted the following link on the PNW list.  It
has been a while
		and it hasn't showed up here so I thought I'd post it ...
apologies if it is
		a duplicate.  What a FANTASTIC website!  The only downside I
can see is that
		it seems to only cover back to 1996, but perhaps a sincere
enough request
		can get info from prior years included.  Thanks Anthony!

		Steve Buchholz
		San Jose, CA (USA)

		> ----------
		> I just found out that you can access Audi/VW technical
service bulletins
		> online at http://tech.vw.com/