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RE: Soldering vs crimping - interesting tech bulletin

I wish we could let this silly thread die!  There are actually two issues
with splicing two conductors, establishing a mechanical connection and
establishing an electrical connection.  It is possible to create a good
mechanical connection before soldering just as easily as it is possible to
make a poor electrical and mechanical connection while crimping!  In my
younger days I learned what we were taught as the "Western Union" splice for
connecting two wires together.  This joint involved a careful wrapping of
the two conductors to be joined to establish a mechanical connection,
followed by an application of solder to establish an electrical connection
that is protected from the elements.  Given the fact that most amateurs like
me don't have the equipment to create good quality crimped joints I tend to
prefer a soldered connection with heat shrink if the connection is at a
point that is not going to be moving around.  

Given the opinion that many qlisters have about the electrical systems in
Audis, I'm surprised to see Audi being considered an authority on electrical
issues ... :-)

My apologies for contributing to the thread, I bit my tongue through the
earlier portion, but had to toss in my tuppence this time ... :-)

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)

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> http://tech.vw.com/audipdf/97-98-02.pdf
> Audi obviously thinks lowly of the soldered joint.
> "Technical inferiority of a soldered joint, where wires are stuck
> together,
> versus a crimped or welded joint, where the wires are fused...
> transmission
> path through solder (increased resistance)... transmission is essentially
> unimpeded across a crimped joint."
> I guess it's crimped. period, end of story, nuff said ;-)
> Revisiting an old thread - sorry for any WOB!
> Peter Berreveots
> 1990 200TQ 10V