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Hard-to-find Parts from Germany

To the q list:

If anyone needs hard-to-find parts from Germany, PG Performance is   
putting an order in this Friday. PG specializes in Audi and VW and can   
can get anything from the D&W catalog.

Paul of PG prefers to consolodate his orders into one shipment and ships   
from Germany to Canada every two or three months. Paul is a German guy   
who is truly an Audi enthusiast.

I have BTDT with euro-lights from PG and he is now getting into the   
euro-HID from the new S4s which I think works with the A4. Fairly $$$   

I have placed an order for a Supersprint exhaust system for the wife's   
'92 Passat.

Their website is http://www.pgperformance.com/

No affliation...


1990 90 Q 20V
1992 Passat 16V