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RE: 91 200tq FIRE Sale Items.....

3 vol Bentley Manuals, brand spanking new condition, $75 + shipping

Colgan Custom 2-pc Car Bra.  Excellent condition, came with the car.  Not
sure if any connectors are missing since I never tried to attach this to the
car.  $110 value, yours for $50 as-is + shipping.

See their web site at

Thanks to everyone who responded.  I'm glad to see some threads spinned off
this post.

It is sad to hear of at least two other incidents of Audi audio system fires
reported here, talk of fire extinguishers, and listers falling over
themselves to rip these audio systems out of their cars.

I would like to add that I meant the good things I said about the dealership
in my previous post.  I have not and will not repeat the comments I received
from these and other non-dealership Audi technical people who I managed to
speak with in private prior to approaching Audi of America with this
incident.  These people were not simply stroking me, but substantively
agreed - with particulars -- that there was a basis for further
investigation of the facts by Audi of America.

But AOA has erected a corporate "firewall" (sorry) around this incident.  As
I mentioned to another lister, it is apparent that AOA is not concerned that
as this incident becomes widely known it will result in future lost sales.
Stay tuned to the major media as the year progresses.

Eric Geller                        Jacksonville Beach, FL
'96 Olds LSS  (a comfortable 'who cares about cars' car)
'91 200tq        (burnt & not on Gerd Klauss's conscience)
'87 4000csq    (sold)
'82 4000         (in Audi heaven)

quattro@mediaone.net  -- you can bet this e-mail address will change...
www.jacksonville.net/~quattro   (for photos of the 200, pre-burn)

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This post stopped me dead in my tracks.
"still breathing"

20 April 1999, the exact same sounds came from the rear speaker of my 1991
200 tq - but the car went up in flames(!!) and is a total loss.
"it's better to flame than fade away"

and AOA never sent a rep over to see the vehicle,
"if we stonewall the evidence will go away"

gotten this info off one of them:  "Bose Rear R.Le. 205 964 3103 441 035
"who cares"

it looks like AOA wants word of this incident to spread far and wide.
"Walter 'the smug director of marketing' understands..."

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I presume that SCREECH!! SQUAWK!!!! BRAAAAP!!!! emmanating from my rear
speaker with the attendant release of the all important smoke and odor
component means that my speaker has expired.