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87 5k Urgent battery/alt. help needed!!!

1987 5000S non-q non-t 188k mi

Thanks to all those who gave me advice on my battery/alt. problem. 
Unfortunately, the car has died 3 more times since my last post, and when
it did today for the second time, luckily I was already at the garage. 
They ran an electrical system test (about 15 bucks) and told me that the
battery was A-OK and the alternator was the problem, not recharging the
battery.  I can get a re-manufactured alt. for about 75 dollars around
here, and do it myself vs. 300+ bucks at any shop.  Some questions...

1. First guy mentioned a ripple current.  What is this?

2. Is there any special info I should know about removing the alternator
myself?  Any special tricks or techniques?

3. Any place to get this part cheaper than $75?

4. Second guy told me that VW/Audi batteries in rear seats are supposed
to have covers between the battery and the seat itself.  Mine never has
had one.  Is this necessary?

I need to fix this before Sunday.  Any help is greatly appreciated!!!!


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