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Re: ETKA on ftp. Go get it! << good luck !

Yeah, you need a real FTP client to do it right.  Make sure the one you get
can resume downloads or you'll become extremely frustrated.

Of course, even on the 256k line at work I still time out constantly on that
site.  It's taken me all week just to get 45mb of it.  The connection starts
strong and then just fizzles out every time.  I'm not holding out much hope
that I'll be able to get it at all.  We need someone in Western Europe, the
UK or the states to put it on a faster site....Dan ??  (heheh)

...the ETKA-less one

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> tried to get it by pasting the address "" into the File |
> Open command of my browser, but each time I get a message " a connection
> with the server could not be established."  Should I be doing some other
> computer thing to get this file?
> ==============================
> Yep. Gotta use FTP software. Can download it free at Ipswitch.com if I am
> not mistaken.
> Jeff