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87 5KQ with "smokin' brakes"

I'm the guy that Martin (paulnet@ipa.net) listed on the Quattro list with the brake problem over in Eureka Springs, AR this last weekend.  I thought that I'd pass along how the problem turned out.  I appreciate all the advise that everyone passed along to Martin who in turn forwarded to me via several pay phone calls.
The problem indeed was the Master Cylinder.  I was able to get one through a NAPA store in Branson, MO the day after it was ordered through the store.  The only ill effects that the car seemed to have suffered was one warped rotor which has been turned and re-installed on the vehicle (I turned both of the front rotors).  The car now is back to its pre-vacation condition.  As a side note, when re-installing the MC I flushed the brake and clutch systems of the old fluid.  I replaced the fluid with DOT-4 following everyone's recommendation.
Again, I appreciate everyone's willingness to help a stranger in need.  Thanks!