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RE: high rpm @ h-way speed

Gary Kaklikian decided to speak these words:

>Mine's the same way - I think they all are. 75 actual is about 83 indicated.
>No wonder we all think the type 44 cars are so fast - 140 indicated is
>probably only about 128 actual. 
>No excuse for a speeding ticket - right?

My car is the exact opposite, 65 indicated is actually around 70.  When 
im at 3k it says im doing about 67-68 and im actually doing around 
74.5...  I figured out the math...

so, its bad, now i finally figured out why i have gotten 2 speeding tix 
in this car...the speedometer.  Im going to use this info to fight my 
most recent one...we'll see what happens...


Michael Sheridan Williams
San Francisco, CA
ICQ# 11740998
1983 UrQuattro, MC--1.8 BAR, borla, 16x7.5 OZ Mito's w/ SP8000's, K&N
1985 4000S Quattro, Koni Yellows/Coilover (2B), strut brace, Sport 8000 
Tires, K&N