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Afterrun coolant pump: Summary of feedback

Thanks to everyone who responded to my question about the Chevy part
number for the after run pump replacement. Below is a summary of the
responses I had.

The afterrun pump circulates coolant through the engine and turbo after
the engine has been shut off. The pump is controlled by a therno switch
mounted close to the water outlet from the engine to the radiator. The
pump can be found by looking on top of the ABS servo and following the T
in the radiator hose.

The plastic Bosch pump becomes brittle after a while and cracks or
breaks off where the inlet pipe joins onto the pump. Or it just stops

It seems that the part WE ( There are many of us) are after is used for
drag racing...they don't want they drag of a constant pump, and don't
need the water flow for a quick run.

The people who supply a pump is Shogun Systems.

The part number is P1449D, the price is $ 78.95 and is described as a
remote water pump which is part of their cooling kit for dragsters.

The company is located in Prior lake MN; 1 800 527 5665 tech line # is
612 447 6784

You can look them up at   http://www.shogunsystems.com/
or E Mail them at shogunsystems@shogunsystems.com

I have sent them E-mail on behalf of those interested to make sure that
we are talking about the same product and to negotiate a discount for
list members.


The description on the pump from the archive is below:

* The pump is a 12Volt coolant pump and is designed to act as a water
pump for a small block Chevy,
* Electrical draw is under 10AMP and when the coolant is hot the
electrical draw is only 2 AMP, as a comparison, the draw on the rad. fan
(at the
lowest speed) is between 11-13 AMP
* The pump is NOT magnetically driven, it is driven by a shaft with a
high temperature impeller (when you get the pump you get 2 spare
* Dia. of the pump is app. 2.5" and length is under 6"
* The pump section is all SS
* The flow capacity of the pump is many time over the Audi pump
(designed to replace the water pump on a small block Chevy)
* The pump will  fit very nicely in the same location of the old pump
* I wired it with a relay just to be on the safe side.
* The pump runs noticeably less time than the OEM pump, probably because

it is a REAL pump not a "piss poor" (engineering terminology) excuse for
(credit avi meron with the above information...)


Renier Meyer
89 200T (Stuffed afterrun pump)
84 100
Durban South Africa.