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Big Probs with the Ur-q

	Well, once again I am leaving on Vacation and the Ur-q is giving me 
fits.  Last night I went out shopping and drove the car @40 miles and the car 
was running OK.  This morning I got in the car and it started as usual, 
meaning that it took 5 seconds of cranking and it burst to life with a puff 
of unburned fuel. I really have to replace the injectors.  I drove the car 
for about 7 miles when it started to stumble with anything over 10PSI boost.  
The farther I drove the worse it got.  By the time I got to my destination 
the car could not take any positive boost without stumbling.  I talked to my 
client and after about a half an hour I got back to my car and it started 
right up.  The car drove OK, still stumble at high boost.  After about 5 
miles the car was having a hard time maintaining 50MPH.  after about 8 miles 
the car would only take a tiny amount of throttle and I could barely make 
40MPH.  The way the car feel it seems almost like an ignition prob but it is 
hard to tell. The cars fuel system is defiantly having a prob.  Vacuum leaks 
or injectors or seals are leaking some where.  It has been like this for some 
time but it seemed that once you where in the throttle the car ran great it 
just does not idle well.  The car is a '84 with a '87 MC engine in it.  I 
bought the car with the conversion already done.  Any ideas on this would be 
greatly appreciated.  If you write after 6/10 please respond to 

Jim Hahn
'84 Ur-q (very sick)
'87 5Ktq (Almost in one piece after doing the clutch)