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RE: What the heck is a EKTA?

ETKA is the computerized electronic parts catalog -this taken from a trade
paper posted on the web "Elektronischen Teilekatalog" (ETKA) - ETKA -
'Electronic Parts Catalog' - the URL eludes me for the moment.  This is the
software that the European dealers use for parts look-up and ordering as
well as reference. It is essentially all the microfiche parts and reference
information on CD ROM.

A copy was obtained through someone in Russia(?) and it has been distributed
by some members of the list with CD ROM Burners.  It contains all the
information on VW, Audi and some Skoda.  Earliest model reference is 1947
for VW right up to some 1998 models even referencing the new Bi-Turbo but
not the TT.

It's a great source for reference and parts info although the model
references are all according to the European naming conventions, the North
American cars are covered completely.  To find the 1994 S4 however you must
look under the 100 Quattro model designation.

AUDI of America seems to refer to this system as AESIS - the Audi Electronic
Service Information System - and not having seen it, I am not sure if it is
the same or different. Audi has indicated that all manuals - the TT being
the first - will only be available electronically in the future. They will
maintain wiring diagrams in print - so they say - until they are sure that
there are no difficulties in reading the electronic version.


Peter Berrevoets
1990 200TQ 10V

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I'm starting to think this EKTA (or eTKa) is some secret club,
even the explanations are cryptic.  John, it looks like you spent
a bit too much time in your CEO-speak classes.  What the hell does
"embraces the factory records" mean?

Teile is German for parts, so at least it looks like a parts catalog.  Also,
given the title presented by John here, ETKA seems more correct than EKTA.

Please, how about a full description of the damn thing?  After a couple
dozen posts with ETKA in the title, I'll wager most people like me are
still in the dark on it.  And is this truly freeware, or a bootleg copy?
Is it in German or English?

Ed Skladany

> Date: Wed, 09 Jun 1999 14:03:53 -0700
> From: John Bird <skyemax@netcom.ca>
> Subject: Re: What the heck is a EKTA?
> EKTA is "Electronishe Teile Katalog", as advised to me by Phil Payne. It
> embraces the factory records.
> John