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New Guy - Old 200TQ

Hi All -

Just signed up to the List (Digest format) the
other day, and wanted to introduce myself.

I'm the original owner of an '89 200TQ. It's bone
stock except for the headlights and fogs, with
118K on it.

Had the usual problems with the hydraulic pumps
(3 so far), the Bomb (2 so far), vacuum lines,

Have the usual puff of blue smoke on start up,
which the dealer attributes to leaking valve
seals, not the Turbo yet I hope  :-(

BTW, my real toy is a full-size Ford Bronco, and
any of you out there with such a beast are
welcome to talk with me about them. There is also
a very active Bronco list, which is very similar
in format to this one.

- Jim
'89 200TQ
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