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Re: Injector Removal

Wolff wrote:
> An injector puller from your local VW tuning shop helps. Cheap and
> easier than other methods. You will need new injector seals (o-rings)
> and most likely new seats as well. They are plastic.
> HTH,
> Wolff
> apowell@ezlink.com wrote:
> >
> > I need to replace the injectors in my 1990 200 (MC engine) this
> > weekend.  BTW, Linda @ Carlsen has the injectors for $43 each.
> > Great price compared to the $97/ea. quotes I got locally....
> >
> > After checking the Bentley, as usual, I find it's d**m little help. My
> > unanswered question is - HOW do you remove the fuel injectors?
> >

Pull your injectors when the car is hot.  I will guarantee that they
 will come out alot easier because the rubbber seals are softer. BTDT

Pat Korach
Kirkland, WA