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Re: An M3 ate my Q

I *never* give up until at least 100mph.  Ahhh....what might have been !


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From: Lewis, Gary M <Gary.Lewis@West.Boeing.com>
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Sent: Thursday, June 10, 1999 12:00 PM
Subject: An M3 ate my Q

> It was ugly.  Real ugly.  Guy in a brand spanking new M3 coupe is tooling
> along slowly, doing like 35.  I pull around him, stomp on it, and I'm
> He is behind me at the next light.  I don't stomp on it as I figure the
> doesn't want to mess up his new car.  As I shift into 2nd, 2 car lengths
> behind me, I hear him jump on it.  So of course, I do to.  I have a K24
> turbo, 2 piece EM, chip, my 88 is no slouch.  I get 1.8 bar at 2,800 rpm.
> There is nothing wrong with my car.  Purrs like a kitten, roars like a
> He pulls around me like I'm standing still.  By the time I hit 60 (so
> 20 to 60)  the guy is _6_ cars ahead of me.  6 CARS AHEAD OF ME!!!!!!!
> pulling away...