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Re: An M3 ate my Q

> Whoa....I beg to differ with this.  A 91 200 20v is basially the same body as 
> the 5k and with a Chip you can easily get it to 300.  And the 20v is heavier 
> than the 5k too.  The 5k has more of a chance to beat out a M3 than the A4 
> does, IMO.  Believe it or not the A4 has about the same weight as the A4 
> does.  A4 with/o quattro is  3130 lbs.  5k with quattro is 3200lb.  So weight 
> has nothing to do with it.  Its the engine. 

I think you are a little light on the 5k... I make it around 3350
for the 5kCSTQ.  (Using the gross weight - max load method of estimation.)