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Re: Pirelli SV 6000 stuff


I don't know what you are talking about!  I've driven cars with the original
AVS Intermediates and thought they were a great tire for the money.  Not too
expensive and handles very well wet and dry.  But, you have to remember, it
is not an all-season tire!  DO NOT USE THESE IN SNOW.  They will suck in the
snow, but then again, you are not sacrificing dry weather performance which
you will with any all-season tire.

The Yokohama AVS S4 is the all-season tire.  Haven't heard much about it,
but you could probably get away with it handling ok in some light snow.
Deep snow I'd forget it.  Get snows!  Make all the difference in the world!

As Todd was saying...  The Yoko AVS Sport is a brand new tire (just came out
a few months ago) and is supposedly VERY good!  Not cheap though.  Again,
NOT FOR SNOW AT ALL!!!!  But, great in dry and pretty good in rain too.
Supposedly about equal in perfromance to the Bridgestone SO2 Pole Positions
as far as grip.  This is the tire that PlayBoy was asking about.  I don't
think you had THESE on your Honda!


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>> New AVS Sport or whatever it is.
>>  Looks like a GREAT Contender to go up agianst the SO-2 Pole Positions.
>>  L8R
>OH gosh....don't get the AVS from Yokohoma....if you plan on driving in the
>rain, then I wouldn't suggest it at all.  I got these for my Honda 3 years
>ago.  It was on sale so I bought it.  I live in Seattle and I actually
>going out when it rains.  I was even stupid enough to take it snowboarding.
>One of the worst handling tires for wet and snow conditions I have ever
> But its give and take.  The Dry was great.  The 1 year or so I used them I
>only got it to squeal 3 times and I take it on hard.
>Jason C
>89 200t10v
>Redmond WA