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Re: What the heck is a ETKA?

>Date: Wed, 09 Jun 1999 19:12:05 PDT
>From: Scott Sierakowski <audi90quattro@hotmail.com>
>Subject: Re: What the heck is a EKTA?
>Is it me or is this an annual question? It seems to be brought up very two
>months or so.

It's just you :-)

...unless "annual" has lost its usual meaning--as most of the English
language seems to have done. Actually, an ETKA CD copy has been available
to Qlisterdom (AFAIK) for only the past 4 or 5 months.  But "what is ETKA?"
_has_ started to be a monthly, or even a weekly, question--as it becomes
referred to more and more frequently.

I imagine there isn't a similar number of the "what the heck is a Bentley?"
question  because many recently "inactive" Qlisters know full well what the
Bentley manuals are, but have returned to the list and found this very
strange acronym on the tips of so many tongues.

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