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Re: Bright molding for 87 5ktq

OK, all I can tell you is those pieces are about $50 a piece!!!!  Very

It seems that the quality of those chome lower window trim pieces was quite
poor from '85 thru '87 as most of these vintage car's window trim pieces
seem to be buckling!  All I can say is that Audi did something in 1988 to
greatly improve the quality of these pieces and most people who have cars
after 88 are ok.

Even people I know who religiously maintain thier quattros, take exceptional
care of them, and keep them garaged...those pieces just seem to buckle over
time and look terrible.

Good luck finding those pieces as they are a DEALER ONLY part.  That means
$$$$.  Like I said, about $50 a piece.  Call Linda @ Carlsen.  They offer
discounts to listers and seem to be the best source for these "dealer only"

If you wanted to settle for just OK trim pieces, you could pull them off a
later model Audi 200 and probably save some dough.  From what I remember,
they are pretty easy to remove.  I think I remember watching a mechanic just
stick a very thin (yet preferably wide) flathead screwdriver head under it
and pry up gently.  Do this under the trim in several palces till it comes
loose.  Then just pull it off.  Looked easy, but then again, I was just
watching.  Took him about 5 minutes to do all them per side.


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><< What is this "Bright moulding" you talk of.  I have this car and I don't
> have a clue what you are talking about.  Can you be more descriptive and
> maybee I can help.
> I have looked into replacing various trip pieces before and would like to
> help.  Just haven't seen "Bright moulding" in any Audi parts fiches so
> Any more description appreciated.
> Later,
> Dan >>
>I am referring to the molding at the top of the main section of the doors
>the bottom of the window. I call it bright molding because that is what it
>looks like, sorry but I do not have any Audi microfiche or other parts
>reference materials.
>John Katos