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Re: Pirelli SV 6000 stuff

Daniel Hussey wrote:

> Jason,
> I don't know what you are talking about!  I've driven cars with the original
> AVS Intermediates and thought they were a great tire for the money.  Not too
> expensive and handles very well wet and dry.  But, you have to remember, it


I replied to Jason off-list with a similar comment, just a little different:

the AVS Int are good in the wet UNTIL they wear out
AVS Int wear out pretty quickly

Since your last memories of a tire are the end of it's life, you tend to have a
less favorable impression than when it was new.  Hence I also remember the AVS
Ints being lousy in the rain - at the end at least.

Agree with you about being a bargain tire though, since all 'High to Ultra'
tires wear out quickly anyway and these are really affordable.