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Re: An M3 ate my Q

Igor Kessel wrote:

> You have combined the MC-1 with the K24, i.e. the worst of both worlds
> for this particular application. You have a low compression engine which
> is a dog off boost and the undersized  turbo for this engine.
> Audi had put a lot of effort in matching a specific engine to a specific
> turbo. I personally elected not to mess with it on my own MC-1 '89
> 200TQ.

I am nervous about disputing the claims of such a
q-lister, but I have to disagree here.  The K24 is capable of putting
plenty of air for a 2.0 bar MC-1.  The K-26 would be putting out
cooler air and therefore more power, but I think the increased
of the K-24 is definetly worth a small top-end sacrifice.
To reiterate- I don't believe that the K24 is "undersized" for an MC
you have done some serious work (say 240-250hp and up).

Erik Addy