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RE: An M3 ate my Q

If you are familiar with the 3 Litre Twin Turbo Buick Grand National and its
incredible acceleration ability, then you should be aware of the performance
potential of the S4 BiTurbo.  When the Grand National appeared on the scene
it ran right up there with all the exotics and (I believe) was the quickest
0-60 car in its day. Quicker than the Countach, Testarrosa and all the
'Detroit Muscle'

This from  a previous post:

The Jan/Feb issue of Audi Driver showed the new V6 Biturbo with
cross-bolted - 4 bolt main bearings.  Serious power handling capability for
the bottom end of any engine.  This is the area that generally limits the
maximum power obtainable from and engine. If you can't keep the crank shaft
in the block, all the boost and 'unobtanium' elsewhere will be wasted. Give
me this engine in TT quattro coupe - the budget to have Herr Lehmann
'adjust' it, and I think you will have one of the quickest road cars ever
made.  Can the new quattro system handle the power that it looks like this
engine can potentially produce?  It looks like it's built ready to create a
new record for (pick your flavour) kw/cc or hp/cu.in. - (4 cycle engines

The BiTurbo in stock form will probably be a spirited performer - on par
with the M3 - some minor tweaks - chip, stiffer waste gate spring will IMHO
turn it into a road eating monster. The V6 will give it low end torque, the
twin smaller turbos will spool up quickly and create great gobs of
horsepower. Look at the performance of the RS2 then add an extra cylinder,
another turbo and another half litre of displacement in a lighter car.
Kick-ass performance from a luxury sedan!

Imagine that engine in a TT!!  drooooool......


Peter Berrevoets
1990 200TQ 10V

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Daniel Hussey wrote:

> M3's will do that!
> I tried this once.  This was when I had my mod'ed 5KTQ and was living in
> Atlanta.  Lots of hot cars everywhere.  I pulled up to a light next to a
> Dakar Yellow M3 (with a Racer magazine sticker in the back window no
> and I was with a friend of mine.  He said...."Hey, lets race him."  I
> ok and started reving the motor.  He did the same.  Light turned green and
> felt like I was in a Dodge Gremlin!!!!
> He left me so far in the dust.  That car just had NO power from stop!
> I was in third and on the boost, I started catching up (closing the gap),
> but I think he was backing off and there was still no way I was going to
> catch him.
> So, after months of embarrasment and harrasment from my friends, I decided
> I'm not doing that again.  Or, not untill I buy a new S4 twin turbo!  ;)
> Then I'll be able to eat M3's for breakfast!  ;^)
> Later,
> Dan
> '89 200tq
> ...will have to do untill I can afford an S4!

No you will not eat it for breakfast because next year they will have
power in US cars and possibly even sequential cluthless transmission. That
still be faster than S4