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Re: Odd problem with 90q20v

>it can happen.....one time I started my 90Q20V, and the dash computer went
>ballistic.........all the lights came on at once.......turned the car off,
>restarted it, never saw it again.

This is called the "windows" effect, and is due to being surrounded by so
much Microsoft software that behaves this way.  Some of it is leaking into
the ECU and affecting its behavior.  Check your ECU for leaks, and cover any
exposed holes with duct tape.
Other effects of this problem can include windows that won't roll up, climate
control that blows the wrong temp. air through the wrong vents, air bag
malfunctioning, and steering wheel lock-up.  It is even possible for the
ignition key to become inoperative, requiring that you disconnect the battery
in order to turn off the car.
If it persists, you can try re-installing the ECU software.  Note this only is
possible if you have an in-dash CD player.

Have a great weekend everyone!
Matt Rooke