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Re: Locking Diffs

The bootom line is when a car maks a turn the inside tire turns at a slower 
speed than the outside tire thats why axeles are are not coupled together.  
When you lock the diferentials somthing has to give in order for your car 
to make the turn and that somthing is the rubber on your tires.  You can 
lock them anytime, but unless you are on a slippery surface than you tire 
life is going to suffer. It also put more stres on the drive train 

PS I always thought my front differential was lockable that what the switch 
and two indicator lights on my dash were telling me. At least I thought so.

>Hello everyone,
>Does anyone have any info on when you should / should not lock the diffs. 
>own an '85 Coupe Q and the manual refers to not much, I have heard of 
>locking the front diff whilst driving on motorwyas in the wet. Shed any