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VW Related -- Turbo Charger Question

I don't know that any Corrados came with a turbo; they mostly came with a
unique supercharger that worked with two concentric elliptical walls
rotating to compress.  The car will run without it, but it's a very
expensive part to replace, very hard to fix, very finicky, and probably
very noisy when broken.

>Date: Thu, 10 Jun 1999 23:13:43 -0500 
>From: "mikesoft" 
>Subject: VW Related -- Turbo Charger Question 
>I came across a '90 Corrado in the paper today going 
>for $1800. I tried calling the owner but the phone must 
>have been engaged or off the hook. The ad says that 
>the car requires a new turbo charger. What are the 
>implications of this cost wise and car wise ? Is the 
>car immobilised without it ? Thanks to anyone who can 
>give me an insight on this....might save me a long distance 
>phone call. 
>Mike Theuri 
>88 80Q