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More 1.8t crunched head info

Here is what my father found out from Audi regarding his broken 1.8t
timing belt:

>I heard back from Martin @ Continental after speaking with Jorge 
>yesterday.  Here's the deal .... Audi will defray $1,000 on a total 
>estimate of $2,400 worst case.  That means $1,400 out of pocket.  I am 
>inclined to pull the head and do the work myself.  I may be foolish, 
>but that is my feeling.  If I pull the head and it is worse than I think 
>I may still have the option of getting Continental to do the rest.   Ugh, 
>but I need to make a decision.  Any idea on what 8 sodium filled exhaust 
>valves and a head gasket set would cost?  I've already spend $135 on 
>the dampner and belt.

$1000 is pretty poor, in my opinion, but at least it is better than
nothing. Hopefully with my father doing the work, it will reduce
the labor costs enough so that Audi will cover most of the tab.

If anyone has guesstimates on what intake and/or exhaust valves
cost, please let me know.

'85 CGT, '82 urq
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