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RE: I love QUATTRO / rush to judgement

	> > > Me and my friend were driving through a residential area at
about 50,
	> when we...

Josh Wheeler

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	people should not rush to judge........................

	Noone bothered to ask if this was done in a residential
	flew off the cuff and assumed that a mailbox makes that
	are more than a few places in this country where the nearest child
	miles from the mailbox....I for one hope this is the case

	Peter Berrevoets wrote:

	> We all make mistakes, let's hope that this is the last one for
this guy.
	> I love speed and I love to slide cars around like there's no
tomorrow, but
	> let's all remember that the only life you should be taking into
your hands
	> is your own. Drive any way you want so long as nobody else can get
hurt by
	> your mistakes.
	> I can push my car to the limit... but if I'm at the limit and
somebody else
	> does something stupid in front of me we're both f***ed!  Who's
fault? Mine,
	> because I should know that a postage stamp and two boxtops will
get anyone a
	> license to drive on a public roadway.
	> My motto; Drive to arrive in less time than it took the last
time... but
	> definitely arrive in one piece. (tires excepted)
	> No more preaching from me!
	> Peter Berrevoets
	> 1990 200TQ 10V
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	> Imagine the accident, and the kids, it's going to be real
horrible. Man,
	> whoever was in that quattro ought to be in jail.
	> "Killer car", perhaps this is how quattro gets its bad name.
	> > That's great, but it's still not going to keep you from mowing
down the
	> > little kid chasing the ball out into the street.
	> > Wolff
	> >
	> > Fullback6@aol.com wrote:
	> > >
	> > > Me and my friend were driving through a residential area at
about 50,
	> when we
	> > > downshifted to third, and took the turn at 50... From there,
	> proceeded
	> > > into an all wheel drive slide!  Quite an adrenaline pumper.
	> just
	> > > before we hit a mailbox, quattro and my 17's kicked in and
stuck hard.
	> We
	> > > shot out of the turn at about 60.  It was great!  I love
	> > >
	> > > Jonathan Bowman
	> > > 98 A4 1.8t q
	> >