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RE: ETKA on ftp. Go get it!

Understood  NOW, Paul.  Were I equipped to make the offer you did,  I'd have said it's available to any who care to bring a CD by and wait for it. 

The others who've offered to make copies all have been overwhelmed with requests.  Whatever happened to Brian Powell's proposal to organize a group effort to supply copies?

Kneale Brownson  (already supplied with ETKA, thanks, Bob)

At 10:35 PM 6/11/99 -0400, Paul Wilson wrote:
>You just hit on the whole point of the restriction.  I don't feel like
>mailing 200 CD's since I just don't have the time.  However, if somebody
>lives in eastern MA or southern NH they can come pick them up.  Of course if
>you live on the left coast and want to come pick it up feel free.
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>> Sent: Friday, June 11, 1999 1:10 PM
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>> No slight taken on my part  (note the "smiley").  Just seemed like a kind
>> of restricted offer because it costs the same to mail from one
>> state to any
>> other serviced by the US Post Office.
>> Best regards, Kneale Brownson
>> At 11:16 PM 6/10/99 -0400, Paul Wilson wrote:
>> >Like many other things that are taken as a slight, this merely a
>> matter of
>> >pragmatisism.
>> >
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>> >> To: Paul Wilson;
>> >> "...I'd be happy to burn a CD for someone in the eastern MA/southern NH
>> >> area if they
>> >> can't download it...."
>> >>
>> >> Is this some sort of right-coaster discrimination?   :)
>> >>
>> >> Kneale Brownson